Saturday, 23 April 2011

* 55 *

Hi everyone , I hope you are all having a lovely holiday . I am , it's really nice having all my family around me , it wasn't so nice when they were poorly but they are all just about okay now.

Pops and mammy took me somewhere new today, somewhere I've never been before , this place called a beach! It's nothing like that grass stuff I've been getting used to walking on , this stuff called sand is all grainy and it smells all different.

I wasn't too sure at first so Pops gave me a big cuddle and told me it was all okay, well if he says it's okay then it must be as I do trust what Pops says . I mean, the other day he told me that eating tea lights and conkers would make me sick so mammy has moved them all out of the way so I won't be tempted . It's a pity as they were nice to chew on and they made a lovely mess too.

Milo and Gabe like to take me on little adventures, Milo is a bit more sure of me now and he loves giving me a stroke . He tried throwing some stones for me , well I think they were for me but I wasn't too fussed on that.

Now running is a different matter altogether ... yep I do like a good run. Mammy likes it when I run too although she says I ' lollop' plus after I've had a good run I do like a good sleep and that's when everyone gets some peace and quiet.

At the beach there is all this water stuff , loads and loads and loads of it.

My new friends Jess and Terry love it , they were racing backwards and forwards chasing the stones that Milo threw for them. I did think about joining them, for maybe a second

but once that cold water hit my paws I definitely decided against it ... boy that water was so COLD !!!

But I tell you now , one thing this beach is good for , really really good for

is digging , ooooh yes I do love a good dig. Mammy has given up all hope of having a flower bed this year and she had such plans too . She has strategically placed pots on her little patch but I still manage to wriggle in behind them.

As much as I love digging with my huge shovel paws I have to have a little rest sometimes

before I start again ... oh what fun I had .
I really do like going to the beach and playing with this sand stuff but one thing I don't like

is when I have to have a shower afterwards. Pops knew I didn't like the water earlier so why oh why did he think I would like it now??

He did make up for it though with lots more cuddles which are my favourite plus I don't smell anymore which is always a good thing .

Before I go mammy said to tell everyone that on Tuesday her and Pops are going down to London for the night to see some band or other called The Descendents , they're only going to be away for one night but it's the first time they've been away since before Milo was born and they are really looking forward to it. Auntie Trish is going to look after us all while they are away so I have promised I will be on my best behaviour for her ... well I will try, honestly I will, honest !!

See you soon x.


driftwood said...

looks like fun on the beach, we did beach digging today too. be good for your auntie xxx

Poppy said...

Happy Easter! I'm glad the boys are feeling better now. I loved this post, it looks like everyone had lot's of fun. Poppy could do with having a shower, she has been in the water tonight.

Lou xxx

Adrienne said...

Catching up over here - loved all the pics - glad everyone is feeling better. It's no fun being sick. Looks like you all have had some adventures (pooch included!). Have a wonderful time out ~ we are in the same boat as you all - haven't been away since H was born. Everytime we've tried someone has been sick. drats. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Julie said...

She is gorgeous - my small flower bed suffers from cats, not too much the dog and mostly the boys and their balls......maybe she'll be better next year?! Hope you had a great trip down to London - and a lie-in in the morning ? Juliex

Thimbleanna said...

Oh. How. Fun! What a lucky little girl you are Kali -- a trip to the beach -- Heaven! Your trepidation at going into the water makes you an official German Shepherd! When we had our first German Shepherd, we took him and his little cocker spaniel brother to a pond to play. We'd throw the stick way out into the pond, but the German Shepherd would only go in until his tummy hit the water. The cocker spaniel would swim out, fetch the stick, and then bring it back to the German Shepherd who would take it and then bring it back to us. It was super cute!

Anyway, it looks like you've had a wonderful Easter holiday. I'm so happy to see that your boys are getting used to you -- you all look adorable!

Simone said...

Good luck Auntie Trish!!! x