Sunday, 10 April 2011

* 51 *

Wow, hasn't this weekend just been absolutely glorious , the warmest day this year so far I do believe. So warm in fact that yesterday we hijacked nanna and grandad and dragged them for a walk with us . This was the same walk we did the other week when my nephew and niece were visiting, only this time we added a bit extra on.

If you look closely at the above photo you might notice also that Milo has lost another tooth so that makes four spaces in total.

We had a nice walk around the Marina where there were lots of people sprucing up their boats and getting them ready for the summer.

Quite a few people on the beach too . You know what really gets me and I'm not sure if it's just us British but at the slightest sign of a bit of sun all the flesh comes out, all that chalky white flabby stuff !! So many people in bikinis or shorts and what's the betting that they all went home a nice lobster red and bragged to their friends about how they've caught a bit of sun .

After the beach we headed up through Roker Park. I don't think I've shown you any photos of this park before but it's quite an old park with a lovely bandstand and old house which I believe is used as the park office.

Nanna had a fit of giggles when she realised that the two swans we saw weren't actually fighting or trying to drown each other !!!

We were quite tired by the time we finished so to round our walk off nicely we all had an ice cream with a drop of monkeys blood - yummy.

All legs were still a bit achy this morning so we just had a little stroll around the lake before popping into our local supermarket for roast chicken and crusty bread for lunch.

This lake is just behind the shop and the cowslips were out in force as were the fisherman , one of whom wasn't very impressed when a little bit of bread that Milo threw for the ducks landed in his fishing net. Miserable so and so.

So now the boys are in bed , Hub will soon be finished work and I'm relaxing with a nice chilled glass of Rose . Hope you had a lovely weekend too . Cheers.


Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely pics - thanks for sharing! Cheers to you too - I have a glass of chilled white! Abby x

Lina said...

Enjoy your wine! We had great weather here all weekend too - lots of bike rides and playing outside for us.

Thimbleanna said...

The boys are soooo cute! I love that ice cream pic. I'm reading everywhere what a wonderful warm weekend you've had -- it sounds perfect. You'll soon have that cute little puppy along for your walks -- I hope all is going well with her! (Oh, and you cracked me up with the bit about the chalky white -- that's why I'm not a beach lover -- I'm too pale. I love the sea, but have no desire to lie around blinding everyone LOL!)

Julie said...

Sounds perfect! He's very gappy now! Juliex

Poppy said...

I can't believe how much the boys have grown again! Before we know it there will be wedding pictures of the boys on here. :0)

gorgeous pictures.....

Lou xxx

Helen said...

Lovely !!
Helen x

Mister D said...

Enjoyed reading your blog - like the bandstand foto too

Emma said...

I was beginning to think I had imagined monkeys blood - they give you funny looks down here in the midlands!! Nice to see Roker Park too - I once fell down a drain there.