Monday, 18 April 2011

* 53 *

One thing that I really don't associate with Spring are dandelion seed heads. I always think of them as a late Summer thing , am I just imagining that I used to always see them in the Summer holidays?

We went for a walk today , no surprise there then ! We went back to the Secret Garden where all the currant bushes were full of leaves and the beginning of berries were just starting to show. I think the ones below are gooseberries.

The daffodils although still yellow are now past their prime but are still looking pretty.

I don't know what it is about the tree below but it's shape fascinates me . Those long outstretched tentacle branches and it's bark is really dark compared to the others around it .

No water in the stream today.

Gorgeous pink buds waiting to burst open.

The big old beech tree with it's red leaves.

Once again not many words but sometimes it's easier just to let the pictures do the talking.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh, it's so pretty there Lisa! It looks like you had a wonderful day out. You're ahead of us -- our daffodils are just now in their prime. Have you been able to take the puppy out to walk yet?

Vintage Tea Time said...

Gorgeous pictures - so fresh! Thanks for sharing. Abby x

Louise said...

I agree about the dandelions - I'm amazed at how many seeds head there are already. I don't think of dandelions as a spring flower (more may/June) so I felt that they were early, but the seeds already is blowing my mind just a little bit, but then it has been so summery recently.

Beautiful photos as always :)

Simone said...

Great pictures as usual. I love the picture of your two boys hugging. You need to show them that when they are at each others throats!!! Have a lovely Easter Lisa. x