Thursday, 21 April 2011

* 54 *

I had so many plans for what we could do over Easter , where we could go and the things we could do .
Going back to Durham was one of them . It's not far from where we live and only takes about 50 minutes in the bus.

On Tuesday the sun was glorious , brilliant blue skies and warm enough for shorts and t- shirts and to eat our lunch outside under a lovely Japanese cherry tree.

We had a stroll around the Cathedral cloisters , some of you may recognise them from a certain Harry Potter film.

Cuddles beside the river after the stones they were throwing narrowly missed a couple rowing up stream.
On the way home though the smiley faces turned to sad faces as what we thought was travel sickness started , but the sickness continued and brought with it coughs , runny noses , sore throats and for myself swollen glands.

The warm sunshine has now turned to very cold drizzly fog which is coming off the sea and the little ones are dosed up with Calpol .

Normal service will resume shortly fingers crossed and hopefully there will also be a post from Kali who is growing so quickly and is loving being able to get outside and go for walks.

Ooops nearly forgot ... Happy Easter everyone.


Anonymous said...

Awww... Milo in particular looks miserable!!! Did you get them to pose looking really sad? ;)

Kathy said...

I love Durham ... my daughter was at uni there. She works up in Newcastle now, and has been complaining of the freezing sea mists this week! We live on the west coast and never, ever get sea mists! How strange.
Hope you feel better soon!

driftwood said...

happy Easter Lisa, hope everyone feels better soon, Easter chocs should do the trick hopefully x

Lyn said...

Oh dear and the post started so well! hope you all feel better soon and Happy Easter to you all!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pictures Lisa! Love the cute ones of the boys and I can hardly wait to see Kali again. Hope everyone is healthy for Easter -- have a wonderful one!

Tiziana said...

Happy Easter! This cathedral is gorgeous. I've heard about it many times, it's so beautiful in your pics. Tiziana from Italy

Louise said...

Love the technicolour bed of flowers. Had to smile re throwing stones! Hope you are all beginning to feel a bit better, and are able to enjoy the Easter weekend. x

Locket Pocket said...

Sorry to hear you've had poorly little ones :o( Hope they're both better now. Lucy xx