Sunday, 1 August 2010

1st August 2010

This morning started off really well , sun shining and everyone happy. I decided to take the boys out whilst Hub prepared our Sunday lunch of roast lamb and veggies .

See those two little dots at the bottom of the tree , that's Milo and Gabe so it will give you an idea as to how big this conker tree actually is.

It seems like ages since I've taken pictures of green , the trees , flowers etc. So I went a little snap happy.

After a run around the park we went back home. Last night the microwave broke, Hub had been unable to fix it so off we went , microwave shopping.

It didn't take us long to find one thankfully. Back home again I went to empty the washing machine only to find it had stopped mid cycle and was flashing some sort of code at me. Apparantly the code means some heating element has broken - brilliant !!

Nothing I could do as tea was ready. Oh boy , Hub cooks a mean lamb dinner.

Whilst we were clearing up though Gabe took a poorly turn and vomited all over the table.

So Hub wrapped him up in a blanket and he lay on the settee watching Back To The Future while I took the washing to my parents to get it rinsed and spun.

For a day that started so well it didn't end so good , poorly boy, expense on microwave and most probably the washing machine and it's raining again.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day...


Kitty said...

Oh blimey - what a day. If it's any consolation, the photos are gorgeous. Hope Gabe feels better soon :) x

Simone said...

I hope today was better than yesterday!!! I also hope that Gabe is better now too!

Locket Pocket said...

Nice pictures but not such a nice ending to the day! :o( Hope Gabe is better soon (and the washing machine too!) Lucy xx