Tuesday, 10 August 2010

10th August 2010

You know when you think , that's it, my run of bad luck has to be over now and then another disaster strikes !!
Well that's what happened this morning.

Whilst carrying the dirty washing downstairs I slipped and fell, crash, bump, bang . Lying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs surrounded by dirty underwear - you get the picture?

Luckily because it was only 7.15am Hub was still at home and came to my rescue. I've been to the doctors and apart from a few bumps and what can only be described as carpet burns down my back I'm fine.

By fine , I mean that I've been ordered to rest for two days at least until the swelling goes down on my badly bruised toes.

It's so not easy trying to rest with the boys but they are trying bless them . Hub has managed to get a day off work tomorrow too . Not being able to just get up and do what I want when I want is really hard......

Anyway , enough of my bad luck - how are you liking the pictures so far , pretty aren't they ?

Do you remember this post from back in March when we headed off to a place called Allen Banks ? I said at the end we would be back to do the other two walks . The first was up to The Tarn. Back across the swing bridge and up quite a steep hill but well worth it when we got there. We came a bit late to see all the rhodadendrons and a bit early for the water lilys which are in bud but we still had gorgeous views and lovely looking fungi.

I love it when the ferns are huge , some were taller than Milo.

After a picnic lunch we set off on walk number two.

Along the river bank , past little waterfalls to a wooden bridge this time.

The view from the other side was just awesome. Imagine opening your curtains to this view every day.

Nestled at the bottom of a bank , facing the trees was a lovely small farmhouse. There were swallows flying in and out of the broken windows in this barn ... how they didn't cut their wings I just don't know.

After the farmhouse we passed a field of bullocks ,

and signs of Autumn just around the corner with the Rowan trees already covered in red berries.

The boys thought it was hilarious that they could run around without their shirts on !!

By the time we had finished both walks we were shattered so decided to quickly visit the nearby village of Allendale to get some ice cream -( once again suggested by David.) before setting off home.

It was a glorious day.....


Locket Pocket said...

Oh Lisa! You really have been unlucky lately! I hope you are ok and the bumps and bruises stop hurting quickly. Your photos are beautiful and I'm always so impressed about how far you all walk! Lucy xx

this is my patch said...

I wish I had ice-creams in my freezer right this minute! More a bag of frozen peas needed on those bruised toes. Thank goodness hubby was home at the time. I hope you feel much brighter soon. I'm sure those boys will do there best to keep you entertained whilst indisposed! x

driftwood said...

ouch poor you. I hope you get to do some relaxing knitting at least whilst your are immobile.
and those walk photos are great

Thimbleanna said...

Oh No! I was going to suggest that you need to take a vacation and get away, but maybe with your run of luck, that's not such a good idea. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely place to visit -- you're SO lucky!!!

Karens Hopes said...

Oh you poor thing,you take it easy and get those boys to look after you. Suprise on its way this week !!
Karen x

moss stitch said...

Take it easy, hope you are back to your old self soon.
Gill x

Adrienne said...

Oh my! You really have had a time of it! Hope you are feeling better soon. This sounds like something I would do! ha ha Those pictures are beautiful.

Lyn said...

Oh dear! hope you are well on the mend now. The photos of your walks look great, so very green!

wayside wanderer said...

What a beautiful place you visited! Love the windows on the building in the last picture. And you have cute boys, too.