Friday, 2 April 2010

2nd April 2010

Continuing on from yesterdays post .
We had intended to spend quite a while at Whitworth Hall but to be honest after a walk around there wasn't much else to do so we jumped back in the car and travelled a bit further , coming to a stop at Hamsterley Forest.

The boys had great fun on the adventure playground .

and throwing stones ( I must have dozens of photos like this one )

Now Hamsterley Forest is a dog walkers/ bike riders paradise and there are different coloured walks/rides you can follow depending on your ability and how far you actually want to walk.

We chose what we thought was the easy 1 mile walk !!!

Turns out it was the harder 4.5 mile walk !!

Gabe walked all the way and still had a smile on his face, Milo on the otherhand was worn out - as was I .

Milo actually said he would like to wake up to this view - I think I'd have to agree.


thelinencat said...

Looks great fun! We just took the boys for a local walk and it started to pour down a few minutes in but they were troopers and both made it to the end (with the promise of ice cream when we got home - I offered them hot chocolate thinking it made more sense but they wanted ice cream!).

Let's hope there a few sunny spots between the rain over Easter. Have a great break!


Tina said...

Wow, another gorgeous family day spent enjoying nature, I love it!!! Happy Easter to you and your gorgeous family ~ Tina x

Simone said...

A lovely place to walk. I love the rosiness in Gabriels cheeks after all that walking! x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I think you all did very well - especially as you gained a surprise 3.5 miles!!!!

Lucy ;o)