Friday, 23 April 2010

23rd April 2010

Me again, 3 posts in 3 days what is the world coming too ??

Milo loved his lizard which he initially called Linzel but then changed to Milo and even took him to school today to show all his little friends , now that made me one happy mammy .

Anyway , today I am feeling a bit like this

and a bit like this,

you get the picture ?

So from Sunday I am starting a healthy week , I'm not going to mention the " D" word it's going to be a change of eating habits and doing a bit more exercise and for that one week I'm going to do a post a day with what I've eaten , what exercise I've done and how I'm feeling.
Now this where I'm asking for a bit of help , I'm really bad at snacking throughout the day and I always choose the wrong things , so what I would like to know is what healthy things do you snack on?


Siona Masters said...

Our worlds must have collided as my husband and I have started a healthy week too. We are cutting out puddings ( we are sugar addicts) and are eating more fruit instead. Also trying to eat less bread by having salads. I like to nibble on dates, or grapes and hummous and carrot sticks is also good too (although perhaps not so healthy!). I look forward to your other readers suggestions!

Rachel said...

No tips at all I'm afraid! I am the worlds worst snacker (and it's all "bad" stuff too!) so I am feeling a bit like those pics myself! Must get back on the wii-fit, must get back on the wii-fit... ;)
R x

Louise said...

Ooh, not the right person to ask! Have you noticed in Asda they sell chocolate covered hazelnuts as a snacking product along with the healthy stuff! I've cycled about 25 miles this week, so that's my exercise done for now! Good luck with your new healthy regime Lisa. It's great that Milo loves his lizard. x

Julie Rutter said...

I'm a terrible snacker- or rather I'm an expert snacker! I do try to be reasonably healthy - nuts, raisns and apricots are fairly satisfying for me....and if I really feel the need for something properly sweet I'll have a homemade muffin (made with sunflower oil so not quite so unhealthy). I've completely stopped buying biscuits, cakes etc so if I want one it has to be hommade - marginally better? Good luck, will be interested to see if you come up with any good tips. Juliex

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, good luck! I try not to snack at all -- or I'll end up in the candy jar. It's pretty easy for me though, since I'm at work and not around the kitchen! (Well, I mean it's easy for me not to snack -- the dieting part is never easy -- I love sugar too much and dessert always seems to get in the way!)

julie said...

good luck on your healthy week Lisa - I need me one of those (or a month more like!) When I'm trying to avoid the biscuits I nibble nuts and raisins because they feel healthier although I probably eat too many! Just try to keep your fingers busy with lots of knitting!

Jane P. said...

...........and there was me, thinking I was the only person who felt like that! Good luck next week, I am sure you will put me to shame!

moss stitch said...

I hear you!
I have started leaving the car at school and walking to work. Takes about 45 mins and mostly downhill! Picking up I don't have as long so jump the tube one stop nd walk up a very long incline of a road - boy its a work out... or rather I'm that unfit!
Snacking is a biscuit to me so I could do with a few pointers myself. I'm told snacking on nuts is good - supposed to be 'good' fats!