Thursday, 31 January 2008


Being the sad person that I am I really look forward to the beginning of a new month because thats when all the new magazines come out. I think I'm a bit addicted to buying magazines so one of my New Year resolutions was to cut back and so far I think I've managed it , but then again we are just going into February. Where has January gone?

Today I've bought 25 Beautiful Homes and I must say that after having a very quick look through it there seems to be quite a few really nice houses in it. Sometimes I find that most of the houses are a bit too modern for my tastes but not this month. Ill have a proper read when the kiddywinkles are tucked up in their beds.

I was hoping to finish my bear last night but I got a bit stuck. So this morning I went down to my very friendly local wool shop-- I am so lucky that it happens to be near enough at the end of my street-- where one of the lovely ladies showed me what to do. Tonight he will be finished , fingers crossed and I'll take some pics to post up tomorrow.


buttercup & roses said...

Im totally addicted to homes magazines to, I always think I should cut back, but then I see one of there fabulously tempting covers and I just cant resist.

I think I'll have to go and buy that latest copy of 25 beautiful homes!!
Good magazine, cup of something hot and some yummy biscuits..Ohh perfect!!

jennifer x

buttercup & roses said...

Opps, forgot to say, will post a pic of the outside of my house soon so you can see what its like...No snow here as yet, but its certainly cold enough!!

Oh, by the way, I LOVE the foo fighters too (I dont expect many other people on here even know who they are!!lol!)

retrorose said...

I bought 2 magazines last week but have managed not to buy any of the new ones this week. I thought the knitting lady in Ideal Home in January was right up there with some of the crafty people on these blogs. She had lovely retro stuff. Did you see that? I know what you mean about a lot being too modern, I'm sure they roll their eyes at our taste!

cd&m said...

Hello found a comment left by you somewhere or other that said you were new to blogging so thought I'd pop over and give you a little welcome.
Nice to find someone else who can't resist a magazine!