Monday, 14 January 2008

I Wonder

I wonder if anyone will ever read my Blog the way that I've been reading other peoples Blogs. Most people probably think this when they start something new- will I ever sound or be as interesting as say Nonnie or Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits? I,ve had e-mails from both these lovely ladies but as yet feel a bit shy about telling them or anyone else for that matter about my Blog. Maybe once I,ve figured out how to add pictures or should I say maybe once my Hub has shown me how to do it.....
Yesterday M and I made rice crispy cakes , I think the highlight for him was licking the spoon at the end. I can't actually ever remember making these before, surely I must have but no it's a blank.

Licking the spoon-yum

Today on the way to taking M to nursery we saw a rainbow. It's kind of typical that the one day I don't have my camera with me we should see one. I did take a picture with my mobile but it wasn't very good.


Nonnie said...

It's funny isn't it, because I don't think I'm that interesting even though I've been writing my blog for a year and a half. I still get amazed people read what I write. People will definitely start reading what you write. I'm enjoying it so far. I'll add a link to you on my blog to send some readers your way.

Lina said...

Welcome to blogging - you look like you're doing fine to me!!!

Wild Rose said...

Hi Lisa and welcome! I read about your blog at Nonnie, so thought that I would reassure you that people will be reading ~ even those who lurk and don't pluck up the courage to leave comments!

Cute photo by the way!

Marie x