Wednesday, 9 November 2011

* 116 *

 Honestly, the older I get the more forgetful I get. It's a standing joke here and even the boys take the mickey out of me.
 But last night's forgetful episode was a doozy. Now I don't know whether it was down to old age or the fact that I hadn't sat down since about 8am with a five hour standing shift at work but,,,,,,but ,,,, I forget to pick up Milo from school!!!
 Oh, the shame of it. I walked to school and got Gabe then walked home again. I was just about to put the key in the front door when my phone rang, it was Milo's teacher reminding me that a letter had been sent out last week to inform us that Tuesdays after school club had been cancelled. Luckily I know her so she thought it was quite funny. There was no way my feet could cope with walking back again so I took the car.
 At the minute I don't know if I'm coming or going and my head is all over the place so today I've had a day of rest, a day just for me. Well, that was after the school run, the shopping and the washing of dishes and clothes .
As for the flowers, a little something bought by me for me. They look quite pretty on the now tidy table don't they. My feet are still throbbing so I might just have to do the same tomorrow.


driftwood said...

oh dear. you clearly needed a treat, the flowers are lovely. xxx

Simone said...

I forget things on a daily basis! I hope the new job is going ok. With all the new things to remember at work it is no wonder you forget other things ocassionally! x

Amanda said...

You did have an excuse as he usually goes after club:) I once forgot to pick my daughter up, her dad usually did the school run and as he was working at my parents I thought he would pick her up as usual....forgetting I had the car so it was me who should pick her up as he couldn't. Doh!

Beth said...

Oh no! I've done it..forgot charlie once at pre-school and also turned up for oldest when he had a club and stood there wondering where he was. I think all Mum's have done it at some point and he would normally be at a club so is so easily done.

Lovely flowers. Bx