Wednesday, 28 July 2010

28th July 2010

Since Milo broke up from school we've watched quite a few films , the new Karate Kid film being amongst them ( I loved it ) . So when I saw that our local leisure centre had a free taster session for Karate this morning I took Milo down, he wasn't interested. Now I was at a total loss at what to do !!

A quick pop into the town library for a spot of drawing..

Round to the town park to see the Walrus ( covered in Seagull and pigeon poop )

Now there is a story about this particular statue, it is said that Lewis Carroll wrote The Walrus after seeing a stuffed walrus in the lobby of Sunderland Museum. The dates make this impossible although he is thought to have written Jabberwocky while staying in nearby Whitburn. The story however was the inspiration for the waterside sculpture of a walrus .

Past the heart tree to the park for a spot of climbing

and a bit of sliding.

Then a spot of hill climbing before a very tired mammy dragged them home for lunch .


Thimbleanna said...

These little guys are sure keeping you busy. I guess you'd get tired of the beach every day? I wouldn't know, but I'd sure like to try LOL!!!

Locket Pocket said...

I never knew that about Jaberwocky and Whitburn! I'll have to tell Dot! Lucy xx

julie said...

You're so good with your boys - they're very lucky to have a mum with a good imagination who takes them to lots of exciting places!

behind the ivy said...

I never knew that about the walrus sculpture! Every day's a school day :) Sounds like your boys are enjoying their holidays too!

this is my patch said...

I hope someone gives that handsome walrus a scrub once in a while! x