Monday, 26 July 2010

26th July 2010

Altogether now........

Boooobbb the Builder , can he fix it ?

Booobbb the Builder, yes he can ....

Milo wasn't too sure at first, thought he was a bit big to give Bob a hug .

But he did in the end .

He even coloured in a picture to try and win Gabe a Bob outfit.

Despite all the fighting from the past few days they do love each other really.

Oh, and the broken eggs from the 24th were mine - the shopping bag fell out of the car boot when I opened it !!


Diane said...

I so miss having small kids.. I came home from work today to find 7 sweaty 15 years boys in my house!!! YOU DON'T KNOW MR DARCY????!!!!!! ok then, substitute any other romantic hero!! PS The Barnsley lad wasnt called Iam was he? My ex Brother in law went out with a lovely girl from Durham for a while but ended up packing her in because of family pressure - I divorced the whole family!!!!xxxx

Julia said...

Go get 'Pride and Prejudice' NOW!!! Then, and only then, will you understand why practically the whole of the female population were madly in love with Mr Darcy in the 1990's ....... aaah, swoon!!!

Julia (wishing she was Elizabeth Bennett!!!:0)

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how cute! I LOVE that first picture -- you should frame it. I have a framed picture of my 2 yr old with Mickey Mouse and all these years later I still love looking at it!