Sunday, 26 July 2009

No Fog !!!

Does anyone remember this post from last year where all planes were grounded due to fog?

Not this year ..... the 21st annual airshow started with a bang or should I say a roar..

We had sun, sun , sun and lots of blue skies.

How can you not be amazed by the Red Arrows?

Just watching these guys makes me want to go watch Top Gun !!!

The boys loved it even though there were so many people here, hundreds of thousands of people descended upon our little city to see all the aeroplanes performing.

The queues to get to sit in the red arrow were enormous so Milo was quite happy to sit in a helicopter instead.

And both boys liked the camouflage paint .

The airshow lasts for 2 days and we definately picked the better day to go as today it rained and was quite overcast.

Speaking of aeroplanes , do you remember Alice?

Well she's now winging her way across the ocean to California ... lucky girl.

And before I go I must give credit to hub as just about all of the airshow pics were taken by him -- and also say thank you for a lovely week from me and the boys .


...Nina Nixon... said...

I love the Red Arrows - we always have an airshow here in June and like your little town ours too is mobbed for two days though a lot of the planes fo over the top of our house so a bonus when sat in the back garden!

Have a lovely week,

Nina x

Locket Pocket said...

Great photos Lisa! Our experience of the airshow was from the allotment - after a 40 minute drive to get the 2 miles there because of all the traffic! It would have been quicker to walk!!!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like an awesome weekend!! Good to see that the weather was fine and they could fly!! The boys look like they've had a great day!! Great pictures, hubby!! Aww... your bunny is so sweet! :)

karenshopes said...

Yippee for the sunshine, you loook
like you had a great time.

Renaissance said...

The Red Arrows are amazing aren't they? Hope Alice enjoyed her flight!

Carol said...

I bet the boys loved it all! they certainly look like happy chaps.
Where we camped last weekend....big mistake!....we were directly under a flight path and I sware I could almost touch the jumbos as they passed over!
love Alice. You must stop knitting these wondrful little people as you are making me broody!

AnyoneCanQuilt said...

I do remember the foggy air show from last year!! This year looks much better. When my hubby was a Navy pilot, we lived near Pensacola FL, for four years. That's where the Blue Angels were based out of and they would practice every Wednesday. So it was just a normal thing to have those jets just buzz by while I was at the Commissary grocery shopping. I never got tired of it!! Now I want to watch Top Gun too... and find that old flight suit...hehe x

Kim said...

Your boys are getting so big! We have an airshow near us in Brough, so close infact that we don't need to go anywhere to see it other then the garden. I do love it, kid that I am!
Kim xx

Simone said...

Great action shots of the planes! Your two boys are growing up fast! The bunny is great. The more you make the better they get! You are queen of the knitted bunnies! x

silverpebble said...

What a great post and fabulous to see the photos of the planes and your boys having a wonderful time x

Anonymous said...

Last year was a disaster! John and I usually go to the airshow every year, but couldnt this year becuase of us been under quarantine! xxx

Leanne said...

I do remember last year and the that's a bit scary. Tell hubby great pics.