Friday, 4 April 2008

Tess's Tag

Thanks Tess, here goes.......

1)Why did you start your Blog?

Hmm, the first Blog's I found were Cherry's, Julie's and then Nonnie. At the time I'd never really heard of Blogging or what it entailed or even how big the actual Blogging world is. A bit of naivety going on there on my part I think. Anyway , I just thought I'd give it a go - I'm so pleased I did and now I'm hooked.

2)How did you come up with your Blog name?

To be perfectly honest I have no idea. I thought of Mistletoe Moon ( which I still like) but thought it was a bit too Christmassy and Willow Moon, I kind of had a Moon thing going on as you can tell but went with Periwinkle , a cute , pretty blue flower and they are quite resilient plants too. Although I am still not 100% sure of the name!

3)Do your friends and family know about your Blog and what do they think of it?

Only Hub ( who thinks I'm mad but goes along with what makes me happy - most of the time) and one friend who is totally computer illiterate and can't even
send an e-mail.

4)How do you write posts?

Most of the time I just kind of prattle on and keep changing things as I go. I get lots of ideas what to write but then forget about them. I have a Pyrex one in mind that I've been meaning to do for ages . I sometimes wish I could express things in a better way, more eloquently like Tree Fall but I suppose that's not me..

5)Have you ever had a Troll or had to delete unkind comments?

I've never had to delete a comment but I have started getting e-mails selling Viagra and asking if I would like to get more enjoyment with a Penis enlargement...... !!!!

6)Do you check your stats? Do you care how many people read your Blog- if you care how do you increase traffic?

I wouldn't even know how to check my stats. I would like to say I didn't care but deep down I suppose I do care how many people read it. I was so happy the first time I had over 10 comments-- is that a bit sad? I don't really bother about increasing traffic.

7)What kind of Blogs/ posts interest you?

Allsorts... I especially like pictures though.

8)What do you like and dislike about Blogging?

I like the fact that I've found so many like minded people and people no matter where in the world they are you can consider them as friends. People who I don't feel scared to ask for help when I need it and who I know will help me. You know who you are- Thank you.
What I dislike is that it sometimes seems to take over my life and I let it. In a morning when Baby G is napping I Blog whilst Milo plays and I know it's awful but I tend to disappear into Blog world and ignore him. I only recently realised this so I have made lists of things we can do and it is going to go into practice from this Monday when the school holidays start. I'm sorry if you think I'm being a bad mother but I am going to change this.

This is me with Milo when he was 11 mths old

Now who to tag--- Louise I'm tagging you right back. Thanks for yours and I will do it shortly and Kellie who has the cutest children and does amazing quilts.


Suzie Sews said...

I love finding out mmore about bloggers and this is such a good way to do it. Followed you from a link from vintage pleasures about pyrex...I loved your comment there.

Adrienne said...

I so agree with all your comments re: blogging. Don't feel bad about slipping away ... I do it sometimes too - I just try to keep it in check. It is such fun and nice to have made 'virtual friends' from all over the world.


Thanks for the tag back Lisa, it is a good one. I shall enjoy thinking about this one. Bear with me though, as like you, I can disappear into a blogworld and get nothing else done. I am looking out of dirty windows, have shopping to unpack and a job to find! x

Adrienne said...

Hi! Thanks for letting me know about the link to Kris's quilt. It's working now - go check it out - it's awesome.

daffy said...

Hello there... a very good Meme which I enjoyed reading!
I found you through reading another blog and I noticed we are nearly neighbours! :o) I'm in Durham!
The photos are lovely by the way!
Enjoy the blogging!

Sarahs Home said...

Hi, I dont mind you telling Vanessa we will help her. I will certainly keep my eyes open for anything around here. I will have to give you my email address, I am thinking of setting one up for my blog as my original email address has my full name on and I dont really know about putting that on the blog. Once that is done then I could give you the real one, if any of this kind of makes sense.
I will get back to you once I get it sorted.
Sarah x

mushroommeadows said...

nice post; I've actually seen a dummies/idiots book for blogging, so the information is very helpful!

Anyway, I love your picture with Milo. So cute!

driftwood said...

thanks for joining in, it was fun to read your answers, I agree with you about disappearing into blog world, I went through a phase of burning dinner as I just read a "few" blogs while something cooked... had to stop doing that!

sarahmurray said...

I recently picked up a couple of great pyrex bowls while out thrifting. They are so fun to hunt for. Really looking forward to a Pyrex Post!

Miss sew n sew said...

Hi there just found your lovely blog so will say hello I love your applique quilts will pop back soon!