Friday, 18 April 2008

Parcels In The Post

Well, on the house front we now have 3 rooms ready, 4 coats of paint on the bathroom ceiling was a nightmare and a pain on the shoulders, but it looks lovely now. Milo's and Baby G's rooms are ready too. I've also managed to do some quilting, but I'm saving that for later.

Now , thanks to my lovely Post lady , who even stopped her car to give me a parcel when she saw me walking down the street, I recieved 3 parcels this week.
The first one was this lovely card purse from Sew Christine, which I won on her giveaway. Thanks Christine.

Secondly was from Lina, can you believe I won another giveaway.. I felt so lucky when you consider I am one of those people who never win anything.
This lovely little quilt, a small bottle of Maple syrup and some Maple candy sweets shaped like Maple leaves-- very yummy. Thanks Lina.

My photographs really are rubbish.

Lastly, Hub said I could get a few bits and pieces but these will have to last me a while so from Dungarees and Daisies I bought these

and these

and these

You will notice they all kind of go together , with some other FQ's that I already had as I do have a project in mind. I'm really liking the Moda dots at the minute.

I couldn't resist this , have no idea what I'm going to do with it though

and I got this from Buttonberry

So that's my parcel loot.

Milo and I made some cakes too, unfortunately from a box mix that had been sitting in the cupboard for a while and the camera batteries went before I could take a pic of the finished

but you get the idea.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


upstateLisa said...

your quilt from Lina is adorable. Lots of great fabrics!!!

Vanessa said...

You are going to be a busy bee are'nt you what with sewing and getting everything prepped for the house move!

I'm into dots at the moment aswell!

Vanessa x

Anonymous said...

What great prizes you won! They are both beautiful. I know what you mean about painting your house. We moved into ours 3 years ago and have done so many renovations. We get tired and take loooong breaks. We're hoping to finish most of it up this summer. Milo is so cute!

Crystal said...

Great winnings my friend! I love that embroidery from Lina. She is so talented. :)Looks like you will be buuuuusy. I HATE painting. Argh!

I can comment now. Yay!

driftwood said...

well done with the house, that's impressive - we've bought some paint........
all your parcels are lovely, but now I'm going to have to go and look at that website for fabric, and the one for the dino....

Simone said...

Lovely parcels. Three in one week too! I am also loving the butterfly fabric!

Summer by the sea said...

Its great getting things in the post isn't it? - You sound like you have been really busy - Natalie x

Ali said...

That's some seriously good post! I recognise the mini-quilt from Lina's banner.


It is really exciting to win a giveaway, even more so winning two! I like the material you have treated yourself to, I spy some lovely heart patterns there. I also like your purchase from Buttonberry, I have saved this site as a favourite, I am going to enjoy having a browse around this one, thanks Lisa for linking to it. Milo was having good fun with that cake mix, he looks like he has the makings of a master baker! x

Anonymous said...

Wow lovely little things to win! Congratulations. And as for that fabric ... yum! I really love red & blue!But I particularly love the little butterflies! I hate painting! Poor you!

Vintage to Victorian said...

That psychedelic butterfly fabric reminded me of the car I had in 1972. It was a sky blue Wolsey Hornet (about the size of a mini). From the art and craft shop I bought a pair of stick-on hippos about 8" long and I stuck them on the 2 doors. They were covered in psychedelic flowers and maybe even butterflies (can't remember now), and were so similar to your fabric.

Thanks for giving me that blast from the past. I've had a wonderful time reminiscing. If only I had a photograph!

Sue x

Lina said...

A bit late catching up but glad you got it all! So, tell me. Did you try the maple syrup yet?! Not everyone's cup of tea I find!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What wonderful mail - it must have been like Christmas in your household! Good luck with the painting and getting organised for the move.

Mary Beth said...

You lucky! I love that small quilt from Lina. Have fun with all your new fabrics!