Thursday, 8 March 2012

* 20 / 2012 *

 For those of you who like astronomy I strongly suggest that during this month you keep your eyes peeled as there are some amazing sights to be seen. Last night we saw the planets Venus , Jupiter and Mars.

The photo above shows Venus ( the bottom dot) and Jupiter ( the top dot) what you can't see is that to the left of Venus was a teensy tiny dot which was one of its moons.

The photo below shows the moon and to the left of it is Mars which was actually a pinkish colour. I'm sorry that my photo's are pretty rubbish but I hope it gives you some kind of idea. For more information you can check out this article.

Tonight there will also be a large Solar Storm, the largest in six years which could result in a viewing of the Northern Lights for some of us , you can read about that here. All exciting / scary stuff!


julie said...

I've also been going out in the evening sky-watching quite a lot recently - it's quite exciting isn't it (though Amy is now bored of me dragging her outside to look at the stars). I love looking up at Jupiter and Venus, so far away but so bright, it makes you feel quite small and humble really when you start thinking about solar systems and galaxies and the universe! You can also see Mercury at the moment just after dusk very low on the horizon below Jupiter and Venus. Have fun sky-watching x

Poppy said...

I've not looked once! :0( I love the pictures Lisa.....

Lou xxx