Friday, 21 October 2011

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Since my post the other day talking about my Etsy shop the shop has done a little bit better. I really appreciate all the feedback I was given so thank you all very much.

I did a few tweaks here and there , things like putting ' ready to ship' at the front of the descriptions for the finished items and making a separate category for them . Since doing this Daisy Bella ( above) has sold and is currently on her way to Australia  and Clarice ( below) is on her way to America.
 Unfortunately there isn't a lot I can do with regards to having all the backgrounds the same on the photographs as the majority of them aren't mine. They belong to and are taken by Debi Birkin who is the actual pattern designer.
The tea cosy above is still available. It was originally made as a custom order for a lady who promised faithfully every week that she would pay for it but no money ever appeared so I made it for general sale .
 These Wuzzies are also still available and they will be joined shortly by a few more, perfect for cheap little stocking fillers and Augusta below is still available too. She hasn't been up for sale for very long so I do have high hopes that she'll be making a little someone happy on Christmas Day.
 The three cuties below are a custom order . It's the first time I've made the hippo and I think she's a cutie so there will probably be more hippo's somewhere in the future..... what do you think?

 Debi has also given me two new patterns to sell , Ching Chong and Jingles . These are both larger animals and are made with doubled yarn but I have seen them on Ravelry made with just a single yarn so either way would be fine.
I feel quite proud of Jingles as some of the parts were what I made for Debi as a test knit and they've been used on the finished article .
I've also got a sale on until the end of the month where if you buy one pattern you can get a second half price and this does include the two new patterns if you are interested . I'm considering a Facebook page too in the very near future so I'll let you know how that one pans out.
So once again I'd just like to say thanks for all the advice and I hope you all have a lovely weekend .


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I'm glad things have picked up a little, I don't think people realise how much time goes into a knitted toy or the cost of wool.

Thimbleanna said...

They're all SO cute Lisa -- I'm glad they're selling a little better. Will you have to work this weekend? I hope you can get some rest!

Pomona said...

I was reading an article recently by Nifty Knits about tags, and how they can improve sales - it might be worth checking it out -

Glad things are going better anyway!

Pomona x

anna said...

i'm glad things are working out :) thinking about your shop has made me a bit more critical of my own! now i juts need time to make some changes!
your animals just get cuter - those new ones are adorable!

moss stitch said...

Glad to hear things are better. My Etsy shop has remained empty - I just can't bring myself to put anything in it!!
I love the hippo!

Carol said...

Adoreable. I want them all. xxx

Dianne said...

I love all your creations! I will have to check out your shop for sure! Be sure to stop by my blog to enter for a neat giveaway that you as a knitter should love! It ends Nov.8th.


Anonymous said...

I love your work.. and wish you all the best.
I wanted to share some feedback about the panda pattern . Having it named "Ching Chong" might not be the best idea. I can't tell you what it means literally (it's a combo of common family names) but it does remind me of school yard taunts as I am part chinese. I realise this isn't your product but perhaps you could pass this on to the designer to reconsider.