Friday, 30 September 2011

* 107*

 Wow, when the weather forecasters predicted an Indian Summer they weren't wrong . The last few days have been absolutely glorious , so hot in fact that I've had to get the boys school shorts back out and buy ice cream on the way home.
Yesterday I went up the allotment for a while, oops, I just realised that I never updated you on what happened with it did I ? Well the lady I share with is moving to Yorkshire so doesn't want it any longer . She  is going to keep it in her name though so that I can have it all and when my name comes to the top of the waiting list she will just transfer ownership across . Anyway, yes, I was up there yesterday for about an hour or so and even though I had taken a drink with me I was just sweating buckets and my face was just beetroot red all day . It was just sooooo hot .
We've also had several walks around the parks . When the boys are at school I've taken Kali out and then in the hour between Gabe finishing school and Milo finishing we've spent another hour there just watching the squirrels running backwards and forwards to the big Oak tree picking up the acorns and then burying them ready for the Winter. Oh I do love to watch them they really are so cute.
You really would never think that it is October 1st tomorrow would you?
 There are signs of Autumn everywhere, the leaves are turning and there are berries by the bucket load being devoured by the hungry birds.

 Thank you for all the congratulations on getting the job . It's for a company called Lush which sell the most gorgeous fresh handmade products like soaps, bath bombs, shampoos etc . I'll be starting on October 20th and finishing at Christmas so it's only for about 9 weeks but hey I'm really looking forward to it and although it's got nothing to do with the teaching assistant course I've just finished at least I'm out there and employed.

All this good weather is supposed to last for a few more days yet so here's hoping it does and hoping that everyone has a lovely weekend.


Leanne said...

Isn't it funny you are having an extended summer and our weather is like winter again. It has rained buckets the wind is blowing and it is freezing. I would love to sit and watch the squirrels what fun. Loved the walk once again. Congrats on the job.

Denise said...

Glad you're getting some hot weather over there. I used to love when we got an Indian Summer. Now I don't like the summers here, it's still high 90s all this week and no I can't believe it's October tomorrow!!

Lyn said...

It has been glorious! love all the photos but especially the last one!

Tabiboo said...

Ahhhhhh - a lady in know. I buy all my products from Lush - and they are.

Nina x

Beth said...

Fab photos and glad to hear your boys are enjoying the late sun as much as mine - we've also gone back to shorts and ice creams. Great news on the job as well, I have just re-discovered Lush having not been allowed it for a while (the OH hates the smell of their can you hate the smell???!) and have fallen in love with some fo their fresh face masks.