Thursday, 15 September 2011

* 102 *

It's a bit of an odd week this one and to be honest I'm so sick of the walk to and from school but at least there is only tomorrow left.
What with Milo starting at 9am and Gabe starting at 10am, then Gabe finishes at 2pm and Milo finishes at either 3.30pm or 4.30pm depending on if he has any clubs or not .
 Backwards and forwards , backwards and forwards ...
 So this morning after dropping Milo off we took a quick walk around the park seeing as how the gale force winds have dropped now and watched this little ladybird scurrying about.
Just one more day and then relax . Next week they'll both be starting and finishing at the same time phew.

If you haven't already entered my little giveaway on post 100 then get back there and leave a comment ..

Oh and if someone could please point me back in the direction of how to make your photo's bigger I'd appreciate it .... mine seem to have shrunk!!    edit  thank you Louise x


Thimbleanna said...

Just think of all the exercise you're getting though. Enjoy being outdoors -- the long winter is on it's way LOL!

Louise said...

I've seen hundreds of ladybirds around in the last week or so. I love it when there's 'natural litter' all over the ground to make things a bit more interesting!

About the photo size, I just click on the picture when it's in the blog post I'm writing and then a little bar pops up with various sizes to choose from. Hope that helps but I suppose that depends on how you add your pictures though.

moss stitch said...

Sounds like a lot f to-ing and fro-ing!!
Next week will feel so much better.

Simone said...

Just one more day to go Lisa. All that exercise must be doing you the World of good, and you are out and about in nature. x

Leanne said...

I love ladybirds. Think of your fitness levels LOL.

julie said...

It's hard when you're constantly going back and forth to school so I'm glad this week is over for you - you must have found it impossible to get anything done all week. Mind you, you did take some stunning photos so that's one good thing that came out of all that walking. Enjoy the gentler pace of next week and a bit more time to yourself x

Beth said...

Oh I hear you! Last week, with our broken car I was walking the school run for over 4 hours each day! Nearly killed and has rather taken the shine of my plan to walk each day (ideally once each way and not three times for the multiple pick-ups). I see I missed a giveaway - serves me right for being so far behind in my blog reading. Bx

Julie said...

I found the first few weeks when Islay was on different times to the boys an absolute pain too - much easier when they're on almost the same timetable! Love the beechnut cases. Juliex