Sunday, 28 August 2011

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All week before we sailed I checked the weather forecast and every site said the same thing rain on Tuesday, sunny on Wednesday, rain on Thursday . Now that was fine by us as Wednesday was the day we were going to be walking around Amsterdam.

It was raining when we left Newcastle and the crossing was choppy to say the least . Lots of travel sickness tablets being past around which didn't really work in my case !

On arrival in Amsterdam Port it was still raining but when we actually came to the city centre it had stopped , thank goodness for that . So we set off for the flower market but half way down guess what ... yep, you guessed it , the heavens opened - so much for weather forecasts!

We made the most of it though, no choice really . I managed to find the way back to the old square that we had stumbled upon last time we were here. Still peaceful considering it's in the heart of the shopping district .

Don't think we needed any more water thank you Milo.

The boys still really enjoyed it though as the friends we went with also have two boys , they are slightly older than our two but they still get on really well.

I had wanted to take loads of photo's and do some really big posts but it's not to be I'm sorry . I did take quite a few pictures but they didn't come out so good with the weather being so terrible.

I'm going to leave you with these few because I just loved the red shutters .


Simone said...

Oh Lisa - what a washout! I am glad that the boys still managed to enjoy themselves though. The weather forecasts have been rubbish this week, getting the predictions wrong all the time. I don't envy you on that choppy ferry crossing! I hope that this week is brighter for you. x

driftwood said...

oh dear, what a shame, and stormy seas - bleurgh......

Farmyard Crafts said...

Oh.... what a shame the weather was bad. But I bet it was still lovely to have some time together!

Lyn said...

oh dear, sorry the weather wasn't behaving, it still looks like you made the most of it though.

millefeuilles said...

Oh my goodness, I would love to visit Amsterdam and to be honest the rainy weather would not put me off too much as we lived in a fishing village on the Normandy coast where it rained frequently! In my opinion the place was still beautiful in a wet kind of way!

Would you like to enter my giveaway? I would love you to have a chance to win if the gifts interest you.

Best wishes,


Thimbleanna said...

Well, I'm sorry to say, but Milo scooped you on the rain story LOL. Sorry you didn't have more sun, but according to Milo you did have a really fun time!

Beth said...

What a shame it rained, still looks like a great trip though, I haven't been since I was 19 and went with my Art Foundation course....hummmm, taking 150 Art students (ages 18-19) to Amsterdam...was that really a good idea ;) Bethx

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'm glad you didn't let the rain stop your exploration . Perhaps you can come again when the sun's shining .
Mind you , this summer , the sun seems to have abandoned Europe altogether !