Wednesday, 10 August 2011

* 93 *

Got my new camera - yeah. Thank you very much to Hub for that one , very much appreciated . I was really, really lost without it.

We went back to the Fairy exhibition yesterday but there were huge signs saying you couldn't take photographs of any of the exhibits which was a shame but you could take some in the grotto. A lot of the work on show was by a man called Brian Froud . I was going to put a link to his website but it's down for maintenance at the moment so would have been a waste of time - sorry.

I did find a couple of fairies of mine own although I'm not so sure about the second one !!

After that we went for a walk around Mowbray Park which is just next to the town museum where the exhibit was. I needed to check out the macro option on the camera and it seems to work just fine. Not that I had any doubts it wouldn't and if we are friends on Facebook you can see on there ALL the photo's I took to test it out . I think the next two are my favourites .

Of course I had to test it out on the boys too which wasn't easy as they were running about the playpark like they had been let out for the day. In a way though they had as it's rained on and off for days now and staying cooped up is just not fun .

I haven't even made it back to the allotment as the one day they went across to their grans and I had some alone time it rained constantly so the gardens are just a muddy mess. I've got spring cabbages to plant out so a couple of dry days would do very nicely thank you.
I've heard from the allotment chairman that the lady I share the plot with is giving it up and although this hasn't been confirmed yet it's possible that if she does I'll lose my little bit too. I do hope not as I have put quite a bit of work into it and am a bit reluctant to do anything in case it's all wasted . But on the other hand they might see how much I have done and because of this let me keep it ... what to do eh?

Opening the blinds this morning to yet more rain and trying to figure out how to keep the boys occupied , it's so not easy . We needed to take the library books back but every time the rain eased off we got ready to make a run for it and it started on heavy again. We did eventually get there about 4pm 'ish and Milo is now snuggled up on the settee reading a Star Wars character encyclopedia. It's the quietest he's been all day, apart from when he was painting the stone that he carried all the way back from the park yesterday.

I'd like to thank everyone who has left comments on his little blog, there will be another post shortly.

So today if you hadn't already guessed we've been painting monsters . I've had one of my mad ideas for what we can do with them and if it all pans out I'll be sure to let you know .

Oh and thanks to a certain Mrs Thimbleanna I'm now addicted to Pinterest so if you are on there give me a yell.


Lyn said...

Faries and monsters...great fun!

Amanda said...

Little boys and rain don't mix well! Its not stopped today.

Leanne said...

Raining here but it is winter. Little boys inside all days are not always a good thing.. Good to see the new camera is a gooden.

Julie said...

Lovely pics with the new camera. Hope all works out with the allotment. Juliex

Peeriemoot said...

Oh wow, *the* Brian Froud? How exciting! Glad your camera arrived - I felt lost without my old camera when it broke!

Thimbleanna said...

I plead the fifth LOL! Looks like you're having such a fun summer. And your pictures with the new camera -- beautiful!