Monday, 1 March 2010

1st March 2010

What a lovely day , a bit brisk but bright and sunny none the less which makes a nice change from all the grey and rain we've had lately. To be honest I am glad to see the back of February , not a good month in the Periwinkle household . So here's to a fresh new start in March. I'm not making any promises to myself this month as I didn't manage one thing from last month , I'm just going to go with the flow and see how it goes.

So did any of you remember to check out the ice/snow moon last night ? I bet you forgot didn't you !

It was a corker ..... The next full moon will be on the 30th March and is known as the Storm Moon.

One good thing that did happen last month was that I won a giveaway from the lovely Kirsty, over at Ruby's Mamma Made It . It was a surprise giveaway so when the big box arrived at the end of last week there was lots of guessing as to what could be in all these lovely wrapped parcels.

I actually remembered to take a photo to show you including the sweeties, although they didn't last long though with the boys hovering over me ...

Whilst opening these goodies I was totally lost for words.

You can't really see the , erm I don't know what you call them but they are plastic things you put on top of cakes before you sprinkle on icing sugar to leave a pattern... and the gloves just seem too pretty to use for gardening. That's not all though , oh no

inside the little box are violet sweets , something I managed to hide from the boys , these are going to be all mine and how gorgeous is this tree with the cute little birds . Last but not least is this little votive, you can just make out the heart engraving on the front .

How spoilt was I ........

Thank you so much Kirsty it was really appreciated and certainly cheered me up ..


Rachel said...

What a fab giveaway! I love the litle tree. And I think you might call those cake things stencils?
R x

Tabiboo said...

A lovely giveaway - well done you and 'yep' I forgot to look at the moon last night....too busy watching the Canada v US hockey match!!

Have a fabulous week,

Nina xxx

kirsty said...

You lucky thing winning all that lot! I am glad to see the back of Feb too - love this time of year! Have a real spring in my step today!
As for beachcombing, you need a shore which faces southwesterly apparently... hope that helps!

LizzieJane said...

What a fun giveaway and lucky you to have won it. Everything looks just lovely.

AnyoneCanQuilt said...

What wonderful goodies!! I love it all. I also love your recent baby knitting, and the sweet bunny egg cozies. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Lisa. So sad. xoxo

Louise said...

What an amazing giveaway. I am pleased you won it Lisa. It's a great start to March. I looked up at the moon last night. It was bright! x

Thimbleanna said...

Me Me Me -- I'm raising my hand -- I forgot the moon! Thanks for showing us -- it looks like it was beautiful.

And Yay you're back! Don't be gone so long next time -- you were missed!

Tina said...

Gorgeous pics of the moon and congrats on your gorgeous giveaway win! Enjoy your new treasures:) ~Tina x

andamento said...

Lovely new header! March already - that's the great thing about February, it's only 28 days long!
Fantastic give-away prize, the tree with birds is gorgeous. I did notice the moon last night, wish I'd seen it the previous night now.

Simone said...

Oh no! I forgot to check out the moon last night! It looks beautiful! The giveaway looks very generous. Lucky you and happy March! x

Pomona said...

What a really lovely giveaway - it is always such fun to get presents in the post!

Pomona x