Monday, 9 November 2009

Having A Think ...

Do you ever think about your Blog in a perspective as to how other people see it , I know I do and it's something I've been thinking of more and more lately.
When I first started blogging it was all so new and there were so many things to show all my new found friends , places we went, things we did as a family , all the crafty things -- but now I'm thinking that maybe I've showed you everything! My visitor numbers have been getting less and less over the past few months and I'm thinking that maybe it's because my blog has gotten a bit stale and a bit boring .
There are only so many times I can show you the walks we go on

and only so many knitted things

without it all becoming just a bit repetitive.
I don't know ?


Adrienne said...

Sometimes I feel that way about my blog too (especially since I haven't had too much going on on the crafty front these day). I keep going (even if I post a ton about my kids) b/c I realized that this is also a place for me to record my thoughts and things that I might not have taken note of otherwise. I hope to figure out how to have it printed one day - I feel like it's a bit of a diary too.

I say keep it going! I love your walks, beautiful photos, cute kiddies, and envy (in a good way!) your knitting!

Carol said...

I think we all feel like this at times. I never get bored seeing what you have been up to, the only problem I have is time. I could waste so much of it in blogland. I have my fav's which I love, I get inspiration from them or even just a friendship that makes some days so much better.
Yes I agree that some tings get a bit repetative, but you can say that about a lot of magazine articles too. As the seasons change and celebrations come and go I enjoy looking at what people have been doing in their homes and gardens, or where they have been for days out...get some good idea's here. Things to cook or make. Endless really.
Do not give up. I love your blog too much and would really miss you.
As Adrienne has also said, my blog is a record of my life, that oneday...she promises again...I will get round to having made into a book for my children.
I can honestly say I woudl truly miss please stay for while.
Carol x
ps I have some good news for you!

Karens Hopes said...

Dont despair,I always enjoy visiting your blog. As I'm fairly new to blogging I already feel a bit like that, its hard to get followers (especially when you cant install the followers gadget) grrr...... I felt like I was blogging about car booting all the time and felt I needed to get some sewing done. But it is about your life and what you do so dont give up.

Thimbleanna said...

Well, for what it's worth, I think there's been a big slowdown in blogdom. Not sure why -- maybe it's not the novelty it once was???

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I think Anna's right - there definitely seems to have been a reduction in blog reading - maybe because there are so many more blogs out there to actually read. But think about how much you use your blog as a record of your own family's life, achievements and milestones - that's what keeps me blogging!

Lucy x

driftwood said...

always love your knitting, walks and family tales Lisa, dont give up, maybe just take a scheduled break, and come back with fresh thoughts xoxox

louise said...

I want you to keep your blog, who knows the tide may turn in the New Year, when everyone is over Christmas. Like in life you will always have those who stay loyal to you, and those who come and go, and move on. However nice it is to have visitors, first and foremost your blog is for you, to record events in your life, and to record what you enjoy doing. The comments on my blogs have gone right down over the past few months, but I vow to keep going, as I enjoy taking the photos and drafting the words. x

Rattling On said...

I also agree that reader figures have dropped in general. I sometimes get disheartened but there's always the fact that I enjoy taking photos and cooking, knitting etc. anyway-so might as well blog about them!
Keep going-I love seeing what other people are up to (even if I don't often leave comments...)

Sarahs Home said...

I understand what you are saying but I would encourage you to keep going. I have not blogged much recently but have made a promise to myself to keep going and try to blog a couple of times a week. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the other comments so do alot of other people.

Sarah x

rattlingon said...

Back again!! I also think Twitter has got a lot of people for the moment. I don't think it'll last as it's just not as satisfying or long lasting as a blog.

Simone said...

I agree with many of the above comments! I don't always comment as much as I used to as I read so many blogs nowadays and it would be hard to comment on every blog post that I read. Just keep on blogging for yourself and friends and family.

amanda said...

Oh you must keep it up! It's the everyday stuff that I love most on blogs! Doesn't have to be knitting all the way - thank goodness as I haven't had an FO in ages! :D

Rachael Rabbit said...

Personally I think walks in wellies and knitted things are fab ;-) I keep my blog more for a diary of what I've been up to. Look back on your blog and you will recount so many happy memories.

silverpebble said...

I always visit Lisa and love reading about you and your boys' adventures and your lovely knits. Blogging is such a mysterious thing. Sometimes I blat out a post and put a few slightly muddled thoughts on there and get stacks of hits and comments. Other times I post something different but quite interesting to me and it's not so popular. I think Lucy Locket isright - just do what you feel - for you. Emma x

Spots and Stripes said...

I've been thinking about this a lot too and come to the conclusion that part of the difficulty is the virtual nature of blogs, we put our blogs out there, but don't really get much feedback as to what people think or who our readers are. You just have to do it for yourself and hope that people get something from your blog. I love to see what other people are up to - gives me all sorts of ideas! Keep going

AnyoneCanQuilt said...

Hi Lisa! Blogging can be a strange thing. As long as it keeps you inspired and you are having fun with it, that's what counts I think. And I sure love seeing what you and your adorable boys are up to, and what you're creating! xoxo

moss stitch said...

I feel the same Lisa. I don't have enough time to blog but feel I don't have anything to say - other than I'm too busy!
Does that make sense?!
I'll keep going and I hope you do too!
My guess is that blogging has peaked but it doesn't mean it's over!
Have a lovely weekend.