Wednesday, 29 February 2012

* 17 / 2012 *

 Hey, how are you all doing? It seems like ages since I last posted once again but sometimes life is just so busy busy busy. What with boys, pups, work and oh so much knitting, Easter is a very busy time for bunnies didn't you know.

The little lady above, who I've named Etta, was a custom order which I finished just last night and tomorrow she will be on her way to New York very close to 5th Avenue no less. Lucky, lucky Etta, I'm also a bit sad to see her go as she is another of my favourites, there are only a handful of bunnies that I wish I'd kept and she is most definitely in there.

 Three little Wuzzies above are still for sale in my shop, they are so cute and wee, oh jeez I just used the word  ' wee' and that's one of my pet hate words - tiny I should have said tiny! I think they will be an ongoing thing as there are so many options of what I can do with them. I've even thought of what I can do with them for Christmas stocking fillers. There's nothing like thinking ahead is there cough cough ..

As for Princess Dina below she is also on her way to America , Sacramento if I remember rightly and she was also a custom order. Now I've got about 4 weeks to do three bunnies and a mouse but two of the bunnies are staying in Sunderland so I don't have to worry about shipping times.

 So my aim for March apart from all the knitting is to try and blog more and also catch up with all you lovely ladies and your goings on.

Hope you all had a happy Leap Day  today and I do know of one lady friend who proposed to her boyfriend and he accepted anyone else out there do any asking?


back for tea said...

I love Princess Dina and all your little bunnies are so cute.

B xxx

driftwood said...

oh the fuzzie wuzzies are so cute!

June said...

Love all the knits!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Lisa -- your little bunnies are SOOOOO cute! I love the fuzzy yarn decorating the little princess dress!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely bunnies, as always. I like the heart theme going on in the first photo.

Simone said...

Lovely knitting, and that little lemon mouse is adorable! x

Beth said...

Lovely knitting, especially Princess Dina. Bethx