Saturday, 7 January 2012

* 6 / 2012 *

 Woke up this  morning with the headache still there .... not good. Boys were already awake and Gabe had gone into Milo's room where they were reading a book. They know they have to be quiet if it's before 8am.

 Came downstairs and let the dogs out and that's when the noise starts, it's a bit like a madhouse with dogs barking and trying to get outside for toilet time and the boys are already fighting about who has what for breakfast..... just another typical morning.

 The boys are going over their Grans today so we pack up her Christmas presents, which have been sitting in a bag on the landing since before Christmas and toddle off into town to meet her. Lots of hugs and kisses before they go and then I wander around the town for about half an hour and actually buy myself some new trousers and a top.

 Back home I do some knitting while Hub plays a game on the Playstation. He can only play when the boys aren't here as it's not suitable watching for little ones. I manage to get two bunny egg cosy's finished and am hoping to get another one done tomorrow.

 If I do manage to get another done then hopefully I'll be able to get some photo's done so you can let  me know what you think as I've never made these before.

 Hub and I took the dogs for a walk down the park, still windy but not as bad as it has been the past few days. We did see another dog running around with a rabbit in its mouth, the owner got the rabbit out but then left it in the middle of the path and the poor thing was still alive..... just. There was no way I could leave it there so I picked it up and hid it right at the back of the bushes . I know it's all nature and everything but it was still upsetting and it wouldn't have been a nice thing for any little children to see.

 Not a very  nice subject I'm sorry but it wasn't a nice part of the day and it did get to me..

 The boys didn't come back until after 6pm and then they were tucked up in bed just before 8pm. I couldn't be bothered to cook so it was takeaway fish and chip with mushy peas for tea while watching three episodes of American Horror Story. A programme which is seriously messed up but seriously addictive..... does anyone else watch it?

 Anyway it will be bedtime soon so enjoy the last few pics..


Simone said...

Oh Lisa! You do seem sad in your post today. It was horrible for the dog's owner to leave the rabbit like that. I would have been upset too. I hope that your headache goes away and that you feel better soon. It is nice that you had a bit of free time to yourself today. x

Thimbleanna said...

Wow, I would have been really upset about the rabbit too. The boys sound so cute -- not making any noise before 8 a.m.-- what cuties. I hope your headache is gone by today!

two bones and a bagle said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better. The poor rabbit it is nature but well done you for moving it to a safe quiet place.

Beth said...

Sorry to hear your head is still aching, hope that's stopped by now. What a day, I wish my two could do quiet in the mornings, as I type M is trying to catch up on sleep (they got up at 6 as normal waking him and I got to sleep till 7.30) and I have to say about every minute 'boys, please stop shouting' I need to train them better or instal a volume control - lol!

Lovely photos and account of your day (except the rabbit, poor thing) glad you found some new clothes in your time off and will be checking out American Horror Story as love addictive TV. Bethx

Amanda said...

We've always been lucky a daughter even when she was a baby, likes her sleep and lie ins. Of course now shes 16 I only see her at meal times. I think I just heard her getting up, not bad, 11.50am. Hope you feel a bit better today and nana wore them out yesterday.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely photos of the outdoors, the weather is so strange for this time of year. Poor little rabbit, why do some people have no regard for animals - I find it so upsetting.