Sunday, 4 December 2011

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 Today much to the boys delight we put the Christmas tree up. Hub was at work so instead of being a happy family time ( supposedly) it was quite stressful, well for me it was anyway.

 Finding all the decorations you had forgotten about is always exciting.

 So is putting on the new ones that we buy. This time we bought more bells ( I like bells) and a girl Maileg pixie to go with the boy we got in 2010.

 This year we moved the armchair upstairs into Milo's bedroom as I wanted the tree back in the window where we could all see it instead of being tucked away in a corner where it has been for the past couple of years. It's surprising just how much dust you find under furniture... cough, cough!

Here we have our finished sitting room tree just waiting for Hub to get home from work,

 so we could put the star on. It was Milo's time this year and I only remembered that by looking back at my similar post from last December.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend......... oh oh it did snow this morning for about 10 minutes apparently but I missed it , sad face.


Amanda said...

I've remembered some decorations from last year, but can I find them?

Thats another trip up to the loft!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Your tree looks very bonnie. We put up ours today but it's rather bare looking as we kept it minimalist because of kitten.

Thimbleanna said...

It looks like you and the boys had fun Lisa. Very pretty tree -- I especially love the addition of the topper!

Julie said...

Shame it was a bit stressful for you but looks as if the boys didn't notice! Juliex

Simone said...

Trees always look best in front of a window don't they? When is it your turn to put the star on the tree?!!!

Beth said...

Your tree looks lovely, I've promised our boys we'll get one this weekend. Sorry to hear it was a bit stressful, I know exactly what you mean though, my OH is out of action after coming off his bike so it'll be just me and the boys getting the decorations up this weekend, fun but I may need mulled wine ;) Beth/The Linen Catx