Monday, 10 May 2010

10th May 2010

Just thought I'd share a few snippets from our weekend ...

The weather had taken a turn for the better so we went for a lovely walk.

I attempted to make a veggie garden - it's a bit small but better than nothing fingers crossed. I'm trying to be like Alys Fowler !!

I also managed to finish off a few knitty bits.

Hub got a new toy which just had to be tested out immediately.

You can't go wrong with a few seafood kebabs.

Jeez just realised the time - best dash


Louise said...

Seafood kebabs, very healthy! What a lovely weekend it was for you! Over the weekend down here in the South, both days were equally as cold and miserable. Lovely snapshots of your three boys, and those bunnies! Please don't try and be like Alys Fowler, be yourself, you're much nicer! x

Julia said...


Oooh it was nice to see sunshiny photos! Its been terribly dull here recently and cold too - so the BBQ pics had my mouth watering and Im dreaming of warmer days to come! Your veggie plot looks great, I like Alys Fowler's style of gardening too, oh and before I forget your knitty bunnies are GORGEOUS!!!

Much love
Julia x x x

driftwood said...

love your veggie garden, don't forget to wear vintage dresses and wellies!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, you've been so busy -- and all with wonderful things! What's better than grilling great food and being able to enjoy wonderful weather? And all of your little bunnies look beautiful!

Tina said...

Oh Yum, you had me at 'seafood kebabs'!! Especially done on the barbie!!! Love your garden and of course your boys are just gorgeous! It looked like a nice walk. Enjoy your knitting, I can't wait until mid June when i get a break from uni...knitting here I come:) Hope you have a fabulous week. ~ Tina xx

Julie Rutter said...

Your barbeque looks very yummy. I think I'll need to start being a bit more adventurous with ours. Lovely photos. Juliex