Sunday, 7 June 2009

Park Pics

I was thinking this afternoon as I wandered around the park that I haven't shown you any park pics for a while,

I have still been taking them believe me, in fact dozens and dozens of them,

I need something to look back on when the park is closed,

something to have reference to when it re-opens in two years time.

When you say two years it seems such a long time , but when you consider how quick the time has gone since Gabe was born and he's two next month - it's not such a long time really.

Is it ?

I know that one in three trees are getting chopped down , will this one still be here I wonder..

With it's gnarled and twisted trunk..

Will the squirrels still run along this path in front of you or will they have gone to pastures new?

Will it still have the wild elements I love so much or will it be all neatly trimmed with weeded flowerbeds..

It's one of those things I'll just have to wait and see - unless I manage to sneak in sometimes maybe ?

I've still got a little while left though as there is going to be a centenary closing day in August but I think it's not actually closing until September.
If anyone is interested there are a lot of pics in my Barnes Park Blog , just click on the bandstand picture in the right hand column.


Locket Pocket said...

Lovely photos Lisa - what a shame it's going to be closed for so long. I hope they don't over-do the renovations.

Lucy x

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pictures Lisa! The flowers in the third picture look just like my pink peonies, but the bush looks way too big. Sorry your park will be closed for so long -- but you're right -- two years will go by in a flash!

...Nina Nixon... said...

Beautiful pictures and such a shame to cut down a tree though I do hope it re opens sooner.

Nina x

LizzieJane said...

What wonderful photos Lisa, it is a shame that it will be closed for a while. The way time is flying by it will be open again before you know it.

Poppy said...

I don’t blame you for making the most of it, what a shame.

I could have been on that walk with you looking at those pictures, just beautiful.

Love Lou xxx

Kim said...

Lisa it's just beautiful. Is it private or a council run park - I'd be really concerned about trees being removed, if it looks too open you can't put them back. You can, however, have tree preservation orders put on trees if they are old enough, even on private land. Just saying.

Emma Richardson said...

I actually passed Barnes Park at the weekend and considered stopping but a flaked out three year old prevented me (I'm an expat makem these days). Its already changed a lot from my childhood memories of walking down there and stopping at Lawsons for a quarter of sweets.

Rubyred said...

Love the twisted tree,such beautiful images!
Rachel x

Carol said...

What a beautiful park Lisa, two years seems such a long time to close it!
It will be interesting to compare your photos.

Joshy and belle said...

lovely photos, i love the twisty tree trunk,
felicity xx

Anonymous said...

I love Barnes Park, it is a great place to walk the doggies. xxx

Louise said...

I do like the tree. It has a touch of the 'ghoulish' about it. x

Kellie said...

It just looks so beautiful and warm ... it is so cold here at the moment.
Excellent photos!!