Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Bit Of Chas And Dave !!

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, sorry I couldn't resist :-)

Are you ready for a bunny overload ? I hope so as these are what I've been knitting over the past few weeks,

Billy Scrappers was an attempt at my own design, and you probably guessed , made from scraps of wool I had left over from other projects.

as was his sister Jemima. I thought the design was okay but nothing special.

Then I found a pattern on Etsy that I just couldn't resist , I love making these little girls, each one coming to life and having their own personalities

This is Lulu who sold on Etsy in a couple of days.

and this is Jessie , with her coat

and without - she sold in a couple of hours

As did her sister Annie - - how pleased was I ?

Then what did Julie go and do , yep , she put a pattern for a rabbit egg cosy up for sale. This was so quick and easy to knit I think there'll be a few more before Easter, and I've just realised he hasn't got a name yet ...

Now before you start getting bored of my bunnys I'll show you something else I managed to get done..
You know when your son comes home from school and announces he's going to be the gingerbread man in the school assembly and you have to provide an outfit. The school recommends orange top and orange trousers!!!
Now I don't know about you but I don't know many orange gingerbread men so I managed to whip this up for him

It looks a bit ' chinesey ' but I was quite pleased with it.. The buttons down the front have got gingerbread men on them too... Milo and his teacher were pleased with it and that's the main thing.

Now back in February before I took my break Jackie gave me an award

Thank you so much Jackie and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post about it..

I was going to show you the back yard too but have just realised that I don't have any ' after ' pics and seeing as how it's raining I can't get any - maybe next time.

So I think I'll go start knitting a boy bunny..... humming I Am A Bunny Knitter to the tune of I Am A Cider Drinker by The Wurzels ..


Jackie said...

Lots of lovely little bunnies - I think my favourite is Jessie. Your little boy looks great in his gingerbread outfit too! Jackie :O)

Carol said...

Gorgeous Bunnies, I love them all and eggy one too. You are very clever, I wish I could knit!
Your little Gingerbread Man is just perfect. Lucky Boy to have a very clever yummy Mummy.
Carol xx

Shelagh C. in Houston said...

Really cute bunnies. I love their clothes too. Where did you find the pattern for them? Julie doesn't have her bunny pattern out there as yet, does she?

Kitty said...

Fabulous rabbiting going on in your world! They are all really sweet.

As for the gingerbread man outfit - brilliant! You wouldn't believe the things I've had to come up with at short notice. Next week though, No.2 is in a school play ... he's a schoolboy and has to wear his school uniform. He's so disappointed!


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oooo your so good at these :-)
ilove the one with the coat im not surprised they sold so quickly and fab gingerbread outfit!
lesley x

urban craft said...

Love the cute little bunnies and their shoes. Cute gingerbread man too!

tess said...
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driftwood said...

they're gorgeous, and congrats on the sales xxx

ps. that deleted post was me, the spelling was so bad it was all nonsense........

silverpebble said...

Wonderful bunnies you've made there - not surprised they sold so soon. The Wurzels? That takes me back!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your bunnies are gorgeous! I spotted them over on Ravelry and thought how nice they were!

Lucy x

Adrienne said...

Oh how I love those bunnies!!!! They are just adorable - all of them! You better watch out ... you know what they say about bunnies ... they multiply right before your eyes!

Knot Garden said...

All the bunnies are adorable, and the clothes are so nice. I bought the egg cosy pattern but haven't knitted it yet. Your son looks very pleased with his gingerbread man outfit!

Dancin' Puffin said...

Hmm... how would the rest of the song go??

I am a bunny knitter,
I knits 'em all of me days,
I am a bunny knitter,
It soothes all me troubles away,
Ooh aargh ooh argh aay,
Ooh aargh ooh argh aay.

Sorry, couldn't help myself being a Somerset gal and all :)

Loving the new bunnies! And bless gingerbread Milo - great outfit!


Levin (and Emily) said...

my daughter came home from school (late) and declared she wanted to go to her sports day dressed as an alien and could i help her out. No, nup, no way - you see I wasn't being mean but a) I had no silver glittery fabric in my stash, b) i had no pattern to make an a liney sort of dress and c) sports day was the next day.
i think your gingerbread outfit is gorgeous and so too are those bunnies (i guess it's true what they say about rabbits - hahaha)

Cathy said...

I just love your little bunnies and I am so pleased that I have one of your originals. It sits in my bookcase and is so lovely. I love all the new stuff that you are doing - that egg cosy is just gorgeous. Love Milo's outfit too - you are a clever mum!

Hege said...

Super cute bunnies!
And Milo is a cute gingerbread man ;)
Have a great weekend!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your bunnies are adorable - so wonder thay have been snaffled up so quickly - just in time for Easter!

Simone said...

I love all the bunnies too Lisa! I think the clothes are what makes them come alive. I love the little gingerbread man too!

louise said...

You've got more rabbit than Sainsburys! Gorgeous bunnies. I can see what you have been getting up to in your blog break. Will you be making Cornishware jumper bunny egg cosies to sell on Etsy? The gingerbread outfit is just lovely, and Milo looks just the part. No wonder the teacher was pleased with the finished outfit. Congratulations on the award too. x

anna said...

hello! wow, what an inspiration! you sent me running over to etsy to find cute patterns (not that i need anything else in my 'to knit' queue!). i love the bunnies, and well done on the etsy sales!

Kellie said...

You are a bunny knitter and a bloody good one at that!!!!!!!! Yasy for my Lisa!!!!!

Sarah said...

Love the bunnies!

Not too sure if you've seen, but I have an award for you over at my blog! - you might have to scroll down a few posts

Tabiboo said...

The Wurzels (hee,hee) My favorites 'The Phesant Plucker'!!!!

Love the bunnies,

have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

mellyandrosie said...

Your bunnies are oh so sweet, and I think you own version were just as sweet!!
And good on you getting your boy to look like a real gingerbread man!! Us sewers could never send our kids in an orange trousers and top to depict a gingerbread man =]

Louise said...

What absolutely gorgeous bunnies - no wonder they sold so fast. And the little egg bunny is super sweet. A very cute gingerbread man you have there - fantastic job!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely bunnies and what a great gingerbread man !!!
Twiggy x

retrorose said...

I think my favourite is the egg cosy, it is just so sweet. How do you get the time?

LizzieJane said...

Wonderful little bunnies, they look so sweet. I love the little gingerbread outfit, my goodness you have been crafty!